Yellow Dress

27 Romany and non-Romany participants took part in the project which was a mix of grouptraining sessions and tutorials on creative writing, devising, performance, sight-reading and poster & programme design.

“It’s not only fascinating to be introduced to this work, it’s incredibly rewarding…” New Wolsey Theatre Ipswich

“Beautiful writing, well read – I’m encouraged to find and read more Romany Poetry…” Mercury Theatre Colchester

…Weakened with age
a flower worn chair
Kneeling to a corner
comfort scraped bare.
A broody red curtain
scarred with a break
lets through a soft wind
lighting air’s lake.
A grey haired lady
short and subtle
limps through the room
a smile never wrinkles.
Holding a dress
She slides on cracked floors
oak brown creaks
died in the wars…