Selection of 8 Poems

1When nights begin to fall
And owls begin to call In a lane,
A Gypsy flame
Is once again reborn.
The light begins to glow
And orange blossoms flow
From twig, to branch, to log
Until the sparks begin to blow…

2 A fair kid: they hoped he’d be dark.
Dark eyes looking backwards;
Black hair to get lost in…

3 ‘I find you beautiful. You, beautiful’.
A tear rolls from my left eye and onto his chest
I kiss the tear and remove my emotion
I want to look sexy but look more like love
His big green eyes want to hide, but he’s captivated
I would die in his eyes, if he’d let me
I do I think when we touch.

4 Alone in the dark, with my lamplight on,
I can’t sleep, I can’t move, because I’m scared when you’re gone,
My brains telling me things I don’t want to know,
And I believe it because I’ve not heard a word
I want to sleep with my lips on you, so I can kiss you forever when its dark,
To dream that you’re mine, and sleep in the aura of your heat when you’re gone.

5 You’re a calm within me, a calm that I’m missing.
it moves me and I cant grab hold of it to stop,
it’s a crave that cant be satisfied, its constant,
and I’m constantly reminded of you.
You’re in every good song, every good film, everything beautiful.
and the passion in your eyes I could die
and the love I have makes me cry
tears that bleed out restlessly.
Close my eyes and kiss them.

6 All I got is this land I’m walkin’ on.
This dirt I’m standin’
on The grass I lay across
The stars I rest dreams upon.

Yea’ this land is my home
Holdin’ peace across my chest
Stained by the country dress
My only lust, to be alone.

I pass a town every now and then,
Gazing at the heavy herds,
Glad to be without concrete feet,
I am a feather from the wing of birds.

No love to dig my grave
No hate to push me in
I will die in footsteps,
To stretch is my sin.

7 Time has been kind
fate has been broken
laying to rest
in a flower worn cushion

A woman alone,
grey and old
finds no comfort
in hope,only cold

Resting in the chair
silent, still,
a piece of string, waiting
for a dream to fulfil

Gripping the past
Scratching distress
Clutching for warmth,
From loves cursed yellow dress

8 ‘Do you still love me?’
I know he does but something is wrong
His eyes flicker with sadness a dark tunnel
I listen to his breath
And understand he will not live to be old…